1. Short Video (left) and 2. Longer Video (right) of SABA Global Networking Online.


3. SABA Networking: A typical “Live” event (left) & 4. how we achieve the same “Online” (right).


5. SABA Networking ONLINE: Functionality (left) and 6. specifically Networking (right).


Attendees at the 2018 May launch event included:

360 Serviced Apartments * Abodebed * AKA Hotel Residences Long Stay Luxury Lodging * ApartRooms * Ascott * At Your Service * BCD Travel * Booking,com * BridgeStreet * Castletown House * Cycas Hospitality * Cuddly Nest * SITU * Cheval Residences * Citadines * CityStayUK * Clarendon * Cleyro Serviced Apartments * Cotels * Danco Global Hospitality * Dolphin Square Apartments * Dream Apartments * Dream Move Relocation * ESA Executive Serviced Apartments * Expedia * FindLondonApartments * Flexi Lets * Flexistay * Frasers Hospitality * Hello Here App * Hoperator,com * Hotel Bonanza * HotelPartner * Honest Accommodation * Housing Agent * Interhome * Intermark Serviced Apartments * London Serviced Apartments * Luxury Apartments * Mansley Serviced Apartments * Maxxton * Nest Temporary Apartments * Park Lane City * PC Housing * Portfolio Serviced Accommodation * Residence Inn by Marriott * Richard Webb * RoomsForYou * Roomsy PMS * Santa Fe Relocation * Saco * Saxbury * Silverdoor * Speedy Booker *  Staybridge  * Streamline Corporate Housing Software * Supercity Aparthotels * The Apartment Network * The Apartment Service * The City Place * The Edinburgh Collection * The London Agent * The Independent Traveller * Town or Country * Vision Apartments * World Fashion Apartments * Your Space Apartments

Attendees at the June event included:

Apartrooms * AptsColombia Corporate Housing in Colombia * Artist Mark Wigan * Ascott International * AVQuest Payment Processing * Campus Living Villages * Castletown House Apartments * Cheval Residences * Citadel Serviced Apartments * Citadines Apart’Hotels * Cityden Apartments * Citystay Serviced Apartments * Clarendon Serviced Apartments * Cotels * Crown Lawn Apartments * Cuddly Nest * Danco Global Hospitality * Derag Livinghotels * Dream Apartments * * ESA Executive Serviced Apartments * Expedia OTA * Flexi Lets * Flexistay * Frasers Hospitality * H-Star Apartments * Halo Apartments * Hello Here App * HomeAway * Honest Apartments * Hotel Bonanza OTA * Housing Agents * London Serviced Apartments * PABS Residences + Appartements  * Prestige Serviced Apartments * Pure Apartments * Richard Webb * Roomspace * Santa Fe Relocation * ShortStayMK * SilverDoor Apartments * Skyreach Relocations * Speedy Booker OTA * ST Residences Singapore * The Apartment Service * The Edinburgh Collection * The London Agent * * The Property Directory * The Squa,re * Town or Country Apartments * Travelbrainz * Vision Apartments * VRBO * Week2Week * What3Words * Wilde Aparthotels by Staycity * World Fashion Apartments * Your Space Apartments

Aims & Benefits to You:

SABA Networking (founded 2010 as a traditional, live networking event):
The aim was to promote communication between serviced apartment agents and operators in the UK and was hosted in London, Manchester & Edinburgh. Traditional networking events will continue.

SABA Networking ONLINE (founded 2018 as an online, global networking event):
The aim is to bring together industry-colleagues from around the globe at one event, accessed inexpensively and easily from the office or home. Each event can accommodate up to 1,000 attendees, divided into rooms of 20. All attendees are represented by a thumbnail of their video within their room and can move freely between rooms, clicking on profile pictures to initiate or to join discussions. A maximum of 6 can take part in one discussion and privacy mode can be deployed for private conversations or simply to have a rest! In addition to video chat, text messaging can be used to communicate. “Raise hand” and “ask question” can be used to attract the attention of the Administrator. The stage can be used to communicate with all attendees at the event. Attendees can be identified by profile video and name or can be easily searched. Come along to network, listen to talks or just quietly observe.

The Benefits:
Whilst there will never be a substitute for personal contact at traditional networking events from a human perspective, SABA Networking Online focuses on business and sales targets, embracing the available technology to save time & money, not only travelling to and from events, but also at the event, where discussions are likely to be more business-orientated in a quieter environment, more conducive to effective and focused discussions in group sizes from 1-to-1 through to a maximum of 6.

You will be able to circulate faster within a larger group, allowing for rapid and extensive development of contacts worldwide with whom communication goes beyond simple email & text messages. If you are not in a discussion, it will be easy for you to be identified and approached and we encourage attendees to invite others into their discussions quickly and also for individuals to quickly introduce themselves to existing discussion groups. Running  presentation and information videos at the top of the screen can be viewed during the event or selectively muted if preference is given to the current networking discussion. A sponsored links directory and other links will be accessible at the bottom left of the screen, including surveys.

Upon registration, attendees can join a Pre-Event online forum, to immediately engage in generating business and exchanging contact details for future communication. The forum is also accessible after the event, in case attendees did not engage at the event.

Who should attend:
– Serviced Apartment & Short Term Accommodation Operators
– Serviced Apartment Booking Agents
– Corporate Housing & Furnished Apartment companies
– Global Mobility companies
– Relocation Agents
– Vacation Rental properties
– Vacation Rental Management Companies
– Vacation Rental Booking Platforms
– IT company partners (PMS, Channel, Revenue, Yield, Reputation Managers & applications)
– Property Sourcing companies

Re-cap: The Benefits of SABA Networking ONLINE:
Focus on business & sales
Rapid & extensive development of contacts worldwide
Saves time & money on travel, food & drink
Forum conducive to communication
Video rather than email & texts
Presentations and information videos
Easy to approach & be identified

The Savings on Travel & Time:
The events will save significantly on costs of travel, accommodation, entertainment and subsistence when away from home and will allow rapid and extensive development of contacts worldwide.

Estimated cost comparison:
Traditional networking:
Travel time: 1 to 2 hours
Travel expenditure: £30
Travel food, drink, before, sometimes during and after the event: £30
Admission to the event: £30
Estimated average total cost of attending traditional networking: Approx £100
Online networking:
Average cost of attending online networking: £10 admission.
Estimated number of new contacts at a traditional networking event: 5
Estimated number of new contacts at an online networking event: 10
If the above is correct then:
The cost of each additional contact at a traditional networking event: £20
The cost of each additional contact at an online networking event: £1
Online would appear to be 20 times more effective in purely business terms, before taking travel time into consideration and considerable global reach of the events.

Advertisement Opportunities:
Advertisement & sponsorship opportunities exist within event e-mail and social media communications, prior to and following the event. During the event, advertisements can run within the Billboards (where slides can be displayed or slide-shows, videos or prerecorded presentations can be played) and links can be included in the event links directory. Sponsors will also receive the opportunity to present from the podium.
Please ask for full advertisement and sponsorship details. Thank you.

Dates & Times:
SABA Networking Online will take place on a monthly basis.
26 June 2018. Starts 16:30 and finishes 18:00.
Arrive and depart at your convenience. Programme will follow.

How to access the event:
1. Please purchase your admission ticket and make a note of the date and time of the event
2. Each 90-minute event ranges from £0 to £15 depending upon time of booking.
3. You will receive a personalised link to gain access prior to the event.
4. Please use the Chrome browser for the optimal event experience.

Please register for SABA Global Networking Online here!