SABA Wine Time Europe and SABA Wine Time North America were launched in March 2020 following the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, which prevented further monthly SABA Networking events from taking place as planned.
Please do come and join us at SABA Wine Time where serviced apartments, corporate housing and serviced accommodation industry-colleagues meet to discuss current changes & challenges. Always interesting, informative, friendly & fun, and you would be very welcome!
Registration for accommodation providers and agents is free of charge at:
SABA Wine Time Registration [North America] Wednesdays, 4pm EST
SABA Wine Time Registration [
Europe] . Thursdays, 5pm BST
Supplier Tickets: [
Sector Suppliers]
(eg technology, support services, procurement, consultants, associations) are also available at a small fee. Many thanks for your support.
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Discussed: recovery, new business sources, key worker support, pricing, payment terms, trust and expectations, OTAs, contact-less check-in, accreditation, country bubbles, new markets, new models, quarantine, health services, cleaning and sanitation, social distancing, flexible services, working from home, subscription society, mobility, nomads, the gig economy and so much more, I can’t even remember!
Structured: so everyone can introduce themselves and their business, we use ice-breaker break-out rooms for networking and to generate new topics for debate, so that everyone can discuss their concerns, we use anonymous polls to survey current feeling and trends and release these results for all to benefit. We debate and advise and have a good relaxing time with friends old and new!

Sponsorship of the events are possible as follows:

Sponsorship coverage includes:

  • logo and link on 2 mailings per week (8 per month) promoting the event to a 1400 mailing list with each mailing
  • other mailings and posts promoting the event might not include logo and link but will improve attendance
  • logo on the registration page of the event
  • logo and link on 2 social media posts per week (8 per month) promoting the event (Linkedin: 9,000+ linked & 3,500+ on managed groups)
  • logo and link on Facebook group sponsors
  • logo on the green screen behind Host during the event
  • logo on the Sponsor Carousel on the SABA homepage
  • opportunity to run at least one question in the weekly poll during the event
  • opportunity to deliver a 3 minute speech at each weekly event

SABA Wine Time Europe (weekly) OR
SABA Wine Time North America (weekly)
1 month: £400
2 months: £700
3 months: £900
6 months: £1700
12 months: £3000
VAT n/a
Payment can be made online, or via bank transfer.

Pre-Payment required for the complete period.
No exclusivity
Maximum 6 sponsors per event